Posted by: Rob | September 11, 2008

Song Lyric Thursday – September 11 2008

Well, here it is.  September 11, 2008.  Seven years ago on this momentous day I was in Houston, Texas on business.  Needless to say that not much was accomplished that day, nor the rest of the week really.

Presumably, the Large Hadron Collider is up and running at CERN in Switzerland (and in the region of the French border too for you purists), and we haven’t seen the end of the world as we know it.  Yet.

So, I suppose I should go ahead and do a Song Lyric Thursday.  And, although the previous paragraph might lead one to think I’m posting an REM song, that would not be the case.

I’m returning to and continuing my trend of featuring Canadian artists.  Today’s instalment features the first single from Sloan, a band from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

I first heard Sloan’s “Money City Maniacs”, a catchy tune I might add, courtesy of one of MuchMusic’s Big Shiny Tunes editions.  It was cute because one of the lines “thought he was covered in coke fizz” sounded an awful lot like “thought he was covered in goat piss”.  Must be those east coast accents, I guess.

But, back to today’s selection “Underwhelmed” from the album “Smeared”.  I also first heard this on a compilation version of Big Shiny Tunes as well.  It’s a cute tune about perhaps unrequited young, first love between two very different people.

written by Chris Murphy, Sloan
performed by Sloan

She was underwhelmed
If that’s a word
I know it’s not
‘Cause I looked it up
That’s one of those skills
That I learned in my school
I was overwhelmed
And I’m sure of that one
‘Cause I learned it
Back in grade school
When I was young
She said, “You is funny”
I said, “You are funny”
She said, “Thank you”
And I said, “Never mind”
And she rolled her eyes
Her beautiful eyes
The point is not the grammar
It’s the feeling
That is certainly in my heart
But not in hers
But not in hers
But not in hers
But not in hers
We were talkin’ about people
That eat meat
I felt like an ass
‘Cause I was one
She said, “It’s okay”
But I felt like
I just ate my young
She’s obviously
A person with a cause
I told her that
I don’t smoke or drink
She told me to loosen up
On her way to the L.C.
She skips her classes
And gets good grades
I go to my courses
Rain or shine
She’s passed her classes
While I attend mine
While I attend mine
While I attend mine
While I attend
She wrote out a story
About her life
I think it included
Something about me
I’m not sure of that
But I’m sure of one thing
Her spelling’s atrocious
She told me to read
Between the lines
And tell her exactly
What I got out of it
I told her affection had two F’s
Especially when
You’re dealing with me
I usually notice
All the little things
One time I was proud of it
She says it’s annoying
She cursed me up and down
And rolled her R’s
(Her beautiful R’s)
She says I’m caught up
In triviality
All I really wanna know
Is what she thinks of me
I think my love for her
Makes me miss the point
I miss the point
I miss the point
I miss the point
I miss the point
I miss the point
I miss the point
Hey mister



  1. On 9/11 we had a colleague in town from the Atlanta office who had planned to get up early and visit the observation deck of the World Trade Center before coming into work. He slept through the wake-up call! True story!

  2. I was working in midtown NY at the time.
    Feels like yesterday

  3. We seem to have a lot of music in common. I discovered Sloan a year or two ago, and have just their 2 latest. Love ’em a lot.

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