Posted by: Rob | August 24, 2008

I must be offensive

When we got on the internet back in ’97, one of the main justifications was that we would be able to do e-mail.  This would be a much preferred alternative to handwritten cards and letters (which weren’t getting written) and so let us keep in touch with far flung family and friends.  Well, that didn’t work out too well then.

Nowadays, I keep in touch – kind of – with a few folks via e-mail.  Well, keep in touch – that’s using the term rather loosely.

Now, I don’t think I’m offensive.  And much of what I say and write isn’t offensive.  At least I don’t believe so.

And yet, sometimes I’ll receive an e-mail from someone.  It may even be from out of the blue.  I’ll take the time to read it.  Then I’ll take the time to craft a reply and send it.  And then…I’ll never hear from them again.



  1. If they’re like me, it gets lost amongst all the bacon (spam you signed up for, like newsletters) and they never see it.

  2. We’re a lost generation(s) as far as correspondence goes. Our grandparents’ parents wrote letters to most everyone as that was the only way to keep in touch. And there wasn’t TV or other distractions to eat our time, so when boredom or loneliness struck, out came the stationary and pen. Then phones came along… and TV… and computers… and we lost the ability to communicate. I point out the extreme, but it seems to fit. W just don’t know how to keep in touch anymore.

    …or you’re just offensive… [chuckle]

  3. long ago I had to face up to the fact that not everyone is obsessed with emailing and it’s not uncommon for people to take a week or two to reply to messages.

    I’m pretty bad with returning phone calls so I guess it all evens out in the end

  4. I have to say that it is a good thing I have email otherwise no one would ever hear from me. I haven’t written letters since the Pen Pal project in grade school.

    I used to live on the phone, but in the last year, my hubby and I have actually considered getting rid of our land line or at least our long distance.

    I have to admit that using email has definitely made me a better writer since what I type often doesn’t reflect what I mean to say. Then again, maybe my hubby is right and it’s nothing more than a female thing 😉

    I get more than 100 emails a day, so I know it takes me a bit to get to everything, but I find message filters are the best thing since the invention of email.

    I figure if they don’t reply, it wasn’t that important and move on. If it is vitally important, I send them a few copies until they answer or block my addy 😉

  5. Maybe they’re incredibly sensitive and think your emails are riddled with subtext? I know mine are.

  6. i hang onto an old e-mail address simply because i’ve had it since 1998 and every once in awhile someone will see if it still works – and i’ll get that momentary blast from the past. kinda fun to catch up, but generally it’s rare if it leads much more than a few swapped e-mails, then we get on with life…

  7. Kyknoord, what are you trying to say? Is that a thinly veiled slap at me?

    I’m with DaisyFae. I hang onto my email addresses like golden nuggets.

  8. @ silverstar : Spam? What’s that? 8)

    @ gnukid : Yeah, you’re right. I have to admit that, at times, I’m a slow responder. And, yes, I’m offensive!

    @ nursemyra : You mean people have lives to live, rather than answering my e-mails? The nerve!

    @ angieh : Multiple copies? Yeah, that’s the ticket!

    @ kyk : Good point.

    @ daisyfae : Get on with life. Yeah. I think that it speaks a little to how “important” the relationship is and whether it’s an acquaintanceship or a friendship.

    @ uncle keith : What? What was the subtext?

    I don’t know how to hold onto email addy’s. Unless they’re like the free ones for webmail, like hotmail, etc.? I’ve not held onto those either. Oh well.

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