Posted by: Rob | August 20, 2008


Prior to my late wife’s melanoma diagnosis, I had begun delving into what I perceived to be major issues facing the earth and all who dwelled upon it.  I was reading up on climate change and global warming.  I read Tim Flannery’s “The Weather Makers”.  Then came the idea of global peak oil.  I read James Howard Kunstler’s “The Long Emergency”.  In addition to being informative, these ideas were scaring me a bit.

All of these ideas, and what I should do about them, went onto the shelf through the year and a half from my late wife’s diagnosis until her death.

I recently started coming back to these thoughts and ideas about our world, what’s happening to it and what will become of our society.

I’ve seen Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” which echoes a lot of the data and theories in “The Weather Makers” but is not without errors, mis-statements and just bad interpretations and explanations.  Granted, it’s more about “theater” and less about “science” and I can live with that if gets the masses to pay attention.

I’ve also seen “Crude Awakening”; much of the information presented in this pseudo-documentary I had already learned from other sources.

I’ve read Thom Hartmann’s “The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight”.

I’ve been trying to get through Elizabeth Kolbert’s “Field Notes from a Catastrophe” and David Strahan’s “The Last Oil Shock” lately but, for some reason, I can’t dredge up the where-with-all to actually finish them.  And I don’t know why.

I was a little alarmed by the recent run up in crude oil prices.  Could this be the evidence of the global peak?

The global warming nay-sayers seem to have shouted down those who are convinced humans are inducing climate change.  Climate change, as an issue, does seem to have faded from the headlines recently as weather has seemed to have been a little more “seasonal” in many locales around North America in the last year or so.

So, what are we to do?  What am I to do?

I’ve had an epiphany.  I’ve decided that I can’t live my life fretting and worrying about major events that are well beyond my control.  So I’ve stopped “caring” about these issues.  I’ve decided to look on the bright side.  I’ve decided to live my life for me and those I care about.  I’ll do it as responsibly as I can, which often aligns with doing things that make good economic sense.

So, in future, if natural gas gets too pricey, I’ll heat with wood.  I’ll install solar powered gizmo’s as I can afford.  I’ll strive to get off the electrical grid.  I’ll basically work on the things that I can control.

I’ve realized that I’m the kind of person who has the aptitude and the capability to survive.  If (or when) the shit hits the fan, I need to be ready.

I’ve long been one to ignore the hysteria of the “talking heads” and I need to remember that going forward.



  1. Less worry; more individual action. Sounds like a – uh – sound strategy. Now if only I could follow your example.

  2. I can get behind that. There is room in this world for crusaders and consciousness-raising, but where change ultimately happens is in each heart and each home. If each of us is a conscious and considerate steward of our little corner of the world, the world will take care of itself. It will only happen if each of us makes the choice to do our bit; if others do not, we can feel good about our choices regardless.

  3. Well, I’m reading all about it. But maybe I should try sleeping at night, and shut the lights off. Even if it is all hydro-electric here.

  4. quite sane. “Off the Grid” is an achievable goal – and is not just for survivalist nutjobs any more!

  5. Hope to see your entry!

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