Posted by: Rob | August 18, 2008

August 17, 2008 – Two Years

It was a pleasant day.  F had booked the day off from work.  J had planned to, but wound up being scheduled 10 to 3.  The three of us planned to meet at the grounds of the Muttart Conservatory near Shelley’s memorial bench.

I spent the morning in my garage.  It is currently crammed with renovation building materials, extra appliances, baseboards and window and door casings in need of stripping, sanding and refinishing, wood working and carpentry tools, J’s boxed belongings, bicycles and other odds and ends.  You can hardly move around in there.

Rather than get started on a new project or resume an in-progress one, I started trying to create order from chaos while I waited for J to come home from work.

After J got home we jumped in the truck and headed for the city.  I called F to let her know we were on the way.  She had “forgotten” I had asked her to bring a picnic lunch, so we were able to place our requests.

J and I got to the Muttart, parked and found a picnic table in a tree shaded area not far from Shelley’s bench.  We talked while we waited, mostly about what her plans were for the coming months (and years).

J had to use a restroom, but there are no facilities on the grounds at the Muttart.  We went to a nearby 7-11 to use the facilities and get some more water.  By the time we got back to the Muttart, F was there waiting for us.

We had a picnic lunch of pitas, hummous, raw veggies and salad.  The conversation ranged over a variety of subjects, from the settling of their Poppa’s estate (a contentious issue), to current extended family issues, even to pop culture items like movies and music (although I was a bit left out on that last item and spent some time lost in thought).

After eating we went over to the bench, reflected a bit and took a group photo.  We were favoured by a visit from a bunny to a nearby flower garden.

And that was it.  That was how we observed a two year remembrance.


  1. Oh, cool. I’m glad you changed the heading photo. Also sounds like a good way to remember, in a nice place.

  2. @silverstar: Yes, it was a good way to remember. I’ve had some other – more private moments – in some of the places I mentioned on your vision quest blog. Those were good places too.

    Yeah, that default heading photo was…um…humdrum. The above photo is a composite of several photos “stitched” together using Autostitch. I even used a bit of artistic license to insert myself into the panorama. (Can you find where I am?)

    The panorama is, of course, Delicate Arch in Arches National Park. The photos were taken on a particularly snowy day in late November of 2006. It was a very treacherous walk into Delicate Arch (due to the snow, I lost the trail and had to “bushwhack” a bit to find it again). But, in the end, although I couldn’t get over to the Arch proper as the caprock around the “bowl” to the Arch was very slippery, it was a good day.

    There were quite a few photographers crawling all over Arches that day, looking for the ultimate in “snow shots”.

    Glad you like the new photo.

  3. I see you, you’re a ghost next to the arch.

  4. quiet day… sometimes just being with kids is enough to keep a solid footing.

  5. […] grief, remembrance | Tags: remembrance | Leave a Comment  Today, the big girls and I shall again gather and share a picnic lunch at the Muttart Conservatory grounds near Shelley’s memorial bench to remember her passing.  […]

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