Posted by: Rob | August 11, 2008

Internet Memes and Fads

I followed the link to a Slashdot short by ScuttleMonkey titled “The Internet Meme Timeline” and wasted spent a couple of hours reading the timeline.  The Slashdot teaser:

CNet pointed out a great use of timeline creation site “Dipity” that has resulted a timeline of internet fads and memes. While there are some subtle inaccuracies and a few notable omissions, it seems to have touched on most of the big stuff. Everything from GOTO being considered harmful to “the website is down,” it’s a great trip down memory lane if you don’t mind a few speedbumps like the goatse guy.

The timeline site is linked in the teaser quote above if you want to peruse it yourself.  I found some of the early entries in the timeline kind of interesting.  Nostalgic stuff from the early days of computing and the ‘net, many of which are reference linked to the source material (warning very geeky stuff here), like the essay “GOTO considered harmful“, the creation of the first emoticon, the “Internet Oracle“, and BIFF.

The site is apparently open to contributors and it seems that several new items have been added since I first looked at the site a couple of days ago.

While the site was intended to highlight more notable and noteworthy items and events on the internet timeline, it predictably devolves to the lowest common denominator in the entries for the more recent years.  Viral videos are common ranging from those of the WTF variety to the really disgusting.

Grab your air sickness bag, because I’ve posted links to a couple of the more truly stomach turning videos that I’ve not seen before.

The first one is a hot tub setting with an…unfortunate…ending:

The second one is as truly remarkable as it is disgusting.  I’m not sure if youtube has done the world a favour or not:

And to finish it off with a light bit of fun, get a load of this guy.  He’s truly talented:


  1. Don’t watch the second video. Really. Don’t.

  2. Ewww! Thanks? I guess???

  3. Cats get huge pus pockets from cat fights- how did he manage his?

    Here are my video responses to #3:

    Chris Bliss
    Shakira parody/tribute

    Yeah, I spend waaay too much time on “teh intertubes”.

  4. Being a nurse, I watched the second one with fascination. I kept wondering how he let it get so big, and why he wasn’t in a doctor’s office. Yeah, I know, he’s an uninsured American.

  5. blechhh…. once i realized what the second vid was, i was just blown away that anyone would video this moment. low. couldn’t watch…

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