Posted by: Rob | July 30, 2008


Yesterday I went into the Optometrist’s to pick up my first pair of bi-focals. I’m not quite 47 years old and now I need bi-focals. Well, not bi-focals, exactly. More like tri-focals. But they are “progressives”, which means the lenses don’t have those funky lines on them.

The techs fitted my new eyeglasses onto my head, ran me through a few checks and then the “instructions” for wearing my new eyewear, “Just point your nose where you want to read. You may have to move your head up and down a little bit to bring things into focus.”

Hmmm. There was also, I gather, the usual helpful advice about going down stairs and then they turned me loose with a cheerful “Good Luck!” I replied, “I’m about to crawl behind the wheel of my truck with these new glasses, head out into traffic and all you’ve got for me is ‘Good Luck’?”

I made it home in one piece with no wrecks.  It seems like they never fit your new glasses completely correctly and this pair is no different.  I’ve had to fiddle with them a bit to get them “just right”.

It hasn’t been too bad, really, making the transition from single view lenses to these progressives.  You really do have to “point your nose” where you want to look.  Just moving your eyes and looking out the sides of the lenses is a sure way to get nauseated or motion sick.  I suppose me, my brain and my eyes will all get trained to be used to this new way of looking at the world soon enough.  I’ve already noticed how much easier it is to read fine print (again!) without having to pull my specs to the end of my nose or just take them off and bring the paper to within inches of my face.

And another plus is that I haven’t fallen down any steps yet either.



  1. I love my progressives. It’s my one vanity. I will dig into my own pocket for them.

    Reminds me of my ex when he got to be that age, and swore he was never going to get glasses. I told him it was that or longer arms. He finally saw the light.

  2. hey I just got new glasses too! mine are for distance only (so I can drive safely) but I love them and have taken to sitting further away from the tele so i have an excuse to wear them some more 🙂

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