Posted by: Rob | July 8, 2008

Being Sick

After dodging the bullet for a week or better, I felt the effects of oncoming illness the evening before we planned to leave on our “vacation” to Iowa.  We were at the final instalment of children’s grief group at the Pilgrim’s Hospice and I was feeling very tired with a scratchy and phlegm-y feeling throat.  That was June 19th.

By Saturday I was in misery.  Over the counter decongestants and other assorted “medicines” managed to partially keep the symptoms at bay as our four day road trip progressed.  By the time we arrived in Dubuque I was already at the “coughing it up” stage.  I figured I was on the upswing out of this “brief” illness.

I was wrong.  Inadequate rest (multiple hotels, busy schedule) and potential exposure to another strain combined to head me back down into the depths of sickness again.  Although OTC drugs and herbal tea were helping with the symptoms, I wasn’t getting any better.  Although we got home last Friday afternoon, which afforded a couple of nights sleep in our own bed, things seemed to be getting worse.

It was a relatively hot weekend so we had all windows open and fans running everywhere.  I spent quite a few hours working outside on the house (siding project), to the point of weathering a few intermittent showers.  That was probably not wise.  Feeling poorly, I went to bed about 6 pm on Sunday.

I got up for work on Monday morning feeling pretty well rested.  Showered, dressed, had breakfast (although I wasn’t that hungry) and went into work.  Ann had insisted that I see a doctor to be sure nothing more untoward was happening (like bronchitis or pneumonia).  By the time I got to work, my morning “high” had worn off and I was starting to feel light headed again.

I called my doctor’s office for an appointment, but the earliest they could get me in was 11:45.  I figured I could do better at the Walk In Clinic.  So I booked out of work sick and headed into town.  I arrived at the clinic at 09:36 (they opened at 09:30).  As I signed in, I noted that the waiting room was pretty well full.  Oh boy.  I patiently waited my turn (I had selected first doctor available) and finally got in to see a doctor by about 11:00 am.  After a quick conversation and examination that indicated my lungs sounded clear, he wrote me prescriptions for antibiotic for a sinus infection and some nasal spray.

There were many stories unfolding in the waiting room, which more or less prompted me to write this, but I’m sure you’ve seen them yourself if you’ve spent any time in doctor’s office waiting rooms.

So, hopefully the antibiotic will do the trick – in combination with some more bed rest – and I can kick this cold’s ass and get on with feeling better.  Because being sick sucks.



  1. OK, you two, that’s bedrest, not hanky-panky. Get well soon anyway, both of you.
    P.S. I always wondered how you and Annie always managed to post about 2AM, now I know.

  2. i’m amazed that you did the drive, all the work in Iowa, dealt with the emotional challenges along the way, and drove back while battling a sinus infection. You canadians are a rugged bunch! Take care, and REST, for cryin’ out loud!

  3. Well, I schedule my posts for that time actually because if we were both up – well……. there wouldn’t be blogging going on.

    Rob is on the mend. Me, not so much. Hopefully another couple of days and all will be well (although Baby is coughing now).

  4. Rob hope you are feeling better now, nothing worse then getting sick in the summer 😦

    Take care

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