Posted by: Rob | June 25, 2008

A Vacation Update

Today was the first day that I have not been in the truck. We left home last Friday after work, driving as far as North Battleford, SK, and spent the night in a hotel there. Saturday was a lengthy drive from North Battleford, SK all the way to Minot, ND. Saturday included an uneventful border crossing as we entered the US.

By day three, everyone was getting pretty tired of being on the road. Sunday’s plan was to get to Hudson, WI. I elected to stay just across the Mississippi in Hudson because hotels in the Minneapolis – St. Paul area were about 60 to 70% more expensive. I also figured that it would be a bit quieter out there and then when we departed Monday morning for the final leg of our trip to Dubuque, we wouldn’t have to contend with MSP traffic (which is heavy and sucks ass).

It’s a good thing that Monday’s drive was a relatively short one. Katy started asking “How far is Grandma’s house, anyway?” about the moment we left Hudson and repeated the question so many times that I lost count. We followed US 52 down from Rochester and that took us through many little towns, each of which Katy asked the name of.

A decent night’s rest was had followed by a leisurely day today. MIL picked up a couple of new light fixtures for the kitchen/dining room, which I dutifully installed.

Most of the rest of the day was spent re-staging MIL’s desktop PC, a task I left unfinished when we were here visiting in March. Nephew had been quite the internet gad-about and there was so much mal-ware and so many viruses that the thing would hardly run at all. Hard drive wipe and clean install of Windows XP, followed by re-load of programs from disc and internet and the thing should be usable in another day or so.

Have getting FIL’s car in for service and an eavestrough repair on the agenda for tomorrow. If I’m lucky I might get my truck washed, after which I plan to wax and detail it.



  1. wash and wax your truck? i thought you were on vacation. do vacation things!

    glad you made it safely.

  2. You work harder on vacation than i do at home! hopefully you’ve gotten the “SIL-Do” list taken care of and can relax a bit… Must be tough to have household repair skills – i sure wouldn’t know!

  3. I echo the Gnukid. OK to do things for inlaws, but washing and waxing a truck? Dude, that’s what they have car washes for.

  4. Oh people, you just don’t know my Virgo. This IS relaxing for him. And it is better than his first idea which was to re-roof my folks house.

  5. gnukid: vacation is the only time that I have time to wash and wax my truck. When at home, there’s too many other things to do that take precedence. Vacations spent with family do not lend themselves to doing vacation things, really.

    daisyfae: doing manual, hands-on work is relaxing, since I don’t do that for my paying job.

    silverstar: I did say it was my truck, right? Car washes are for at home when there’s no time for it otherwise.

    Annie: I’m glad they didn’t take me up on the re-roofing. Especially when your dad allowed that he dislikes having new shingles put down over old (i.e. strong preference for taking up the old ones first.).

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