Posted by: Rob | May 31, 2008

Saturday Potpourri

A productive Saturday but probably a mundane post.

The day started early as I had committed to drive down to Lacombe to pick up the majority of the J’s belongings as she prepares to head off west to BC. Her situation has been months to years in the making, but she seems now poised to make a little progress in her life. At least she is reaching for a discernible goal. She has pared down her worldly possessions, not that she had all much to begin with, and is planning to hit the road soon.

On the way down to Lacombe, I went past a scene involving some unfortunate or unlucky people. As most provinces and states do, Alberta has laws regarding the requirement for vehicular traffic to slow to 60 km/h when passing emergency vehicles. Traffic bunched up and came to a near stand still momentarily. As we crawled ahead I could see first an ambulance and then firetrucks. An ’80’s vintage Chevy Blazer, or, that is, what remained of its burnt out hulk, sat on the shoulder. A homemade trailer loaded up and tarped over had been, it seems, unhooked from the Blazer and moved back away from the fire. A pile of goods between the burning wreck and the trailer had probably been unloaded from the back of the vehicle. I imagine that these folks were on their way to somewhere else with all their worldly possessions; this bit of bad luck probably set them quite far back. I felt a pang of pity for these unknown travellers as I drove on.

Loading up J’s stuff was uneventful and quick. A short visit with J and her boyfriend(?) D and then I was back on the road and headed for home.

Travelling north on the Queen Elizabeth II Highway towards Edmonton I made pretty good time. At one point I could see I was coming up behind a Chevy Avalanche. It looked to be about the same vintage as mine (either an ’07 or an ’08 ) and it seemed to be riding quite close behind a huge motorhome (land yacht). Then it dawned on me that it was being towed by the motorhome! I figured that the rig must be some Americans on the seasonal trek up the Alaska Highway. But as I caught up to and overtook them, I saw Alberta plates. Wow. Albertans have arrived. Not only was it one of the larger motorhomes I’ve seen, but their towed runaround vehicle is an Avalanche! Not a Ford Taurus, not a Chevy/GEO Tracker, but a full size Avalanche. They probably have more money than they know what to do with.

After getting home and having some lunch I got to work on the back of the house. There’s nit picky stuff to get finished up on the back porch extension so I can get the siding on the back going and finished. After awhile Ann came out and together we re-arranged a few things in the garage so as to make room for the additional stuff of J’s that I had brought home.

Then I got out the sawz-all and cut down the three caragana bushes along the north side fenceline. I’d transplanted them there several years ago and they had grown quite tall, probably around ten feet. A hardy hedge bush, they had been pruned severely a few times and still grew quite big and tall. But they have a lot of flowers this time of year; flowers that attract bees. At times, the caragana bushes around here are literally abuzz because there are so many bees working them. Bees in the yard of a person with an allergy to bee stings is not a good idea. So the caraganas had to go. Besides, the yard is small and we need the space for a swing set, a sand-box, and a play house.

The cut bushes and branches were loaded up in the truck and off we went to town.

After unloading them at the recycle yard, we stopped at Home Hardware to pick up supplies for making a sand-box. Then we got ourselves some supper (Mickey D’s Happy Meal for K and Subway – veggie wraps – for us) and went down to the park by the river for a picnic and some r and r. K played on the swings and the slide for a bit as Ann and I discussed the current state of the US Democrat primary race.

Then it was home. I got the basic frame of the sand-box completed and now it’s ready to stain tomorrow. I worked on cleaning up the old caragana bed until it got too dark to see and the mosquitoes starting get thick.

All in all a long day. But a productive one. A good day all around.



  1. i got tired just reading this! whew. i think i’ll lie down now…

  2. And since fatigue is a symptom of every ailment I have, I’m even more tired than Daisy Fae. Oh, and are you bragging or complaining?

  3. daisyfae: I didn’t mention my sleep debt, did I?…

    silverstar: Neither bragging nor complaining. I’m a Virgo, so bragging is foreign to my nature. I don’t complain any more, because no one listens and no one cares anyway.

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