Posted by: Rob | May 30, 2008


Yeah, nothing major in this post though.

We have a Maytag dishwasher in the house. It’s around 10 or 11 years old. I installed it myself way back when I was re-arranging the cabinets in the too small kitchen of this old house. It has a design flaw. Maybe you have (or had) one of these models too? The clip that keeps the lid on the soap compartment on the door penetrates the door and needs to be sealed with a little rubber grommet. Over time, the grommet starts to leak and the dishwasher starts to leak. All over the floor.

I replaced the grommet several years ago, along with the door seal (although the tech said I didn’t really need to do that), when the dishwasher started leaking back then. The new seals worked and allowed the machine to provide a few more years of service. When it started leaking again recently, I got another grommet, used a bit of silicone this time and fixed it again. Or so I thought. The frigging thing was leaking worse than ever.

Given its age and other evidence of wear and tear, we decided to just get a new one. We scoped out the new models in the Brick store at South Edmonton Common and actually bought another Maytag. There aren’t that many choices and we didn’t want to spend big bucks. Fortunately, though, they’ve improved the design and this new one shouldn’t leak. Once I get it installed, that is.

While we were at it, we also picked out a new range. The old range was an old gas model, with pilots, that had come to Canada when we moved back here from Kansas. It was second hand when I bought it in ’92, so it was due for a change anyways. I would have liked to go with gas again but then I learned that a gas range is not a good thing to have in the house when anyone living there has asthma. So we opted for an electric. One of those ones with the flat black ceramic top.

I got it installed last night. I was in a bit of rush cutting the packing cardboard off of it and, despite all of the safety training that gets hammered into me at work, I managed to nick my left wrist with the knife point. Not a deep cut, but I had to wear a bandage for a day that made me look as if I’d been up to no good. It’s a bit better now.

I was impressed with how quickly the burners heat up on this new range. And, in retrospect, it’s probably a good decision as our energy contract is locked in for electricity rates, but the natural gas is floating.

It’s still a bit odd seeing that new range in the kitchen after years of looking at that old gas range.

Changes. Inevitable, I suppose.



  1. I hear the bittersweetness in taking on even these relatively insignificant changes- funny, isn’t it?


  2. Sally: Yep. Funny. I talked with my girls a bit about stuff like this as the three of us drove up north late last November on what turned out to be the day my MIL (their Grandma) died.

    This house where we live…it has been a reno project since day one – spring of ’96. Most of the ideas for things came from Shelley. I just made them happen. Understandably, things stood at a stand still for some time after she died. (I did do some things in the fall of ’06, but only because winter was coming. I vaguely recall standing on a ladder staring into space or quietly sobbing at times.) When I got back to work last fall before winter, it occurred to me (again, on the ladder) that every nail I drove, every screw, every new stick of wood was taking this place further and further away from the place that we had known together. I sometimes wonder if I’m crazy thinking things like this…I suspect most “normal” people would never think in those terms. Seems to only occur to folks who have been widowed.

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