Posted by: Rob | May 28, 2008

Wednesday, the Hump Day Hmmph

Annie, my spouse and fellow blogger, penned this week’s Hump Day Hmmph in honour of blogging idols. The piece, and some of the comments, got me to thinking about why I do this, why I write in this medium. After all, I’ve never considered myself a “writer”.

Marsha wrote:

I do find that since I began to blog–I view the world through “blog entry possibilities”. Do you do that? Someone will say something, do something or I will hear something on television or in the movies and think—”Hmm, I could write about that”. Sometimes this aspect of blogging drives me crazy.

This certainly resonates with me. When I set up my bloglines account, I included feeds from Slashdot and Slate Magazine. Between these two and a post here and there on some of the other blogs I read, I currently have marked a total of 57 posts that contain subject matter that caught my interest; that I needed to read up on and, most importantly, that I could “blog” about.

Marsha had also queried:

Did Rob write before you were married? Just wondered if he always had this talent or if you brought it out in him.

Annie had replied to that particular question with:

Rob is a writer but he doesn’t see himself that way because he doesn’t write fiction as I do. He thinks to be a writing you have to be able to make things up. He didn’t write much beyond letters and such before and it took me a while to convince him to blog.

We talked about this a bit whilst driving into the city this evening. While it’s true that I really didn’t write much over the years, I hadn’t ever really considered myself a “writer”. I related to Annie the story of my e-mails during my (self) healing road trip in the fall of ’06 after my late wife had died. I had an e-mail address list of 30 or so names – family, mostly, and friends, old and new – and at the end of each I would put together a “letter” outlining my experiences for the day and send it off. Most of the time they were humdrum descriptions of long days on the road, but others contained experiences that I had had.

My Mom had been forwarding these e-mails on to friends of hers whom I was acquainted with as well, and one old friend of my Mom’s asked to be added to the mailing list. I agreed and she would send replies back with comments and encouragements. And then she went so far as to suggest that I should consider putting all of these correspondences together into a book. She said that I was a “good” writer. I pretty much laughed it off with a “Yeah, right” (said to myself, of course). But I have all of those e-mails saved, though.

When I mentioned Marsha’s comment about seeing everything from the perspective of a blog topic and that I, too, tended to do that, explaining about the saved post links on bloglines, all Annie could do was chuckle and say, “Yep. You’re a writer. That’s what writers do. Most normal people don’t see things or think about things that way.”

So, I guess I’m a writer. And it really was Annie who provided me with the inspiration and has dragged me, kicking and screaming, to this realization. Now I just have to find the time to sit down and write about all those interesting tidbits I’ve saved and spout off with my opinion!


  1. See, that wasn’t so hard. Was it? Admitting you have a problem is the first step.

  2. I always thought you were a good writer. Your posts on the board were always articulate and interesting, as are your posts here. (Well, I tuned out part way thru’ your latest engineering gab fest, so I guess I didn’t find it THAT interesting… 😉


  3. my kids taunt me when something happens, or they tweak me – “gonna blog that?” or “it’s all about the ‘blog’ content, isn’t it?”… there is some of that – but in a good way. For example, when my sister went into a self-absorption death spiral, i went to my ‘happy blog place’ and managed to keep my instantaneous reaction minimal…

    as for being a writer? there’s this pesky category of “non-fiction”, Rob. um. that’s what you and i do. i also resist the “writer” tag, but um, this thing with words, stringing together thought toward insight, humor, reflection? i think it’s writing! 🙂

  4. “So, I guess I’m a writer.”
    Nice to have you in the “kicking and screaming writer’s club”


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