Posted by: Rob | May 16, 2008

Taking the Weekend Off

Dear blog (and my meagre complement of readers),

Today is the start of the first long weekend of the short Canadian summer: the Victoria Day weekend!

So, I’m taking the weekend off from blogging and heading to the interior of BC to do renovations on my Mom’s house.

We’ll try to get some R ‘n R too.

See y’all next week.

PS: Happy Birthday Queen Victoria.



  1. Have a good time. Now that it is warm in Seattle for a change, I’m going to go get some sun.

  2. enjoy the break

  3. God save her… (is that appropriate for the dead ones, too?)

    Enjoy the break.

  4. Thanks all. It was a nice break. Although, like most vacations, I have gone back to work more tired than when I left. But, isn’t that the sign of having had a good vacation?

    @gnukid: I have no idea if it’s appropriate or not. I kind of like a saying I’ll attribute to Rick Mercer (formerly of the Canadian news parody show “This Hour has 22 Minutes” ) during the height of the BSE crisis in the UK:


    Of course, our money sports Queen Elizabeth II and not old Queen Vic, but I’m sure you get my meaning.

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