Posted by: Rob | May 15, 2008

Xenophobia is alive and well in the wilds of Canada

The food riots have not yet begun in Canada. At least not in earnest. While reading google news today I came across this item describing the escalating level of violence and aggression being visited upon racially profiled anglers in Ontario.

It seems that anglers of the Asian persuasion are being targeted by less kind and gentler youth. Tactics include demands to see angling licenses and review catches. Verbal threats and insults have been hurled, fishing tackle has been unceremoniously dumped into rivers and lakes and, in some instances, the anglers themselves have been physically assaulted or pushed into the water.

Alleged overfishing has been proffered as justification for the rude and unlawful behaviour. Authorities say that while some anglers may be breaking fish and game laws, it is no excuse for violence or harsh treatment.

Police have launched “Operation Safe Shore” after a plainclothes operation attracted the attention of some of the youthful aggressors. There will be heavier patrols along the shorelines and additional helicopter patrols as well.

So much for Canada’s reputation as a “kinder, gentler” version of the United States.



  1. throwing people in the water is kinder and gentler. in the U.S., there’d be guns…

  2. I agree with Daisy, what you are describing seems to be typical 2 year old behavior…now give those 2 year old guns and box cutters and you have the US version.

  3. Where I used to live, we discriminated against Texans. They really did overfish, and occasionally you would find a whole string of fish abandoned when they saw the game warden coming. But we didn’t throw them into lakes, they were the ones who had the guns.

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