Posted by: Rob | May 12, 2008

Monday Meme – May 12, 2008

Annie‘s at it again!

Today’s rules:

Gimme Five! This meme is designed as a way to disclose information about ourselves. I create a random list of topics and you respond – think ink blot – and link back here when you are finished. You can use photos, links, songs or just respond in writing. You can also create a list of your own of 5 things that relate to the topics. Any order is fine.

1) evening wear

Well, I guess that depends on what is meant by evening.  If we’re talking casual date, then jeans and a shirt are in order (type of shirt varies by season: summer it’s a tee, winter it’s a long sleeve polo).  Formal attire can be jacket and tie, or if the situation demands, a tux.  My date, of course, would be in a clingy, black dress, not too long though.  Late in the evening (i.e. bedtime) is, naturally, au naturel.

2) blue food

I don’t trust food colouring.  Any other blue food I’ve run across is usually fuzzy and the blue is a sign that it has been there too long.  GROSS!

3) science fiction

Star Trek, of course:  Scotty: (in my best attempt at a Scottish brogue) Captain!  I’m givin’ her all I’ve got!  (Wink.  Wink.  Nudge.  Nudge.)

4) sponges

No idea.  Unless it’s those freeloading relatives.

5) plastics

The theme of late has been recycling and what a frustrating ordeal that is.  There’s also that nagging feeling that, while some plastics are indeed useful, we’re using up a valuable and scarce resource to make throwaway grocery bags.

Did you like that?  Do you want to play?  Go ahead and link back here if you do.

Have fun!




  1. Thanks for playing, baby! (I love it when you speak “scots” too.)

  2. This has to be the wierdest 5 ever so I am going to respond here:
    1) evening wear – basic black dress–always sexy, understated and down right hot

    2) blue food – HUH?? when I am “blue” (LOL) I enjoy carbs—chips, bread—etc…

    3) science fiction – I don’t get it yet EVERY man in my life does. Don was a Treky–Kent is a Treky times five–I—don’t get it.

    4) sponges – Well, I think the ones you see when scuba diving are sooo amazing, but the ones in the shower??? I have texture issues with…

    5) plastics – never used to have an opinion on this subject until I took my students to the local land fill—PLASTICS are EVIL—

    There you go—my question is this–what did you learn about me from my answers?

  3. annie: yw!

    Marsha: I learned that I might see you in a black dress, enjoying chips (salsa?), but NOT at a Star Trek convention, maybe at a Greenpeace rally? Oh yeah, you’ll be the one avoiding the sponges.

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