Posted by: Rob | April 28, 2008

Fun Finds on the WordPress Dashboard

Whilst logging in to my WordPress account recently, I spied a blog post title on the WordPress Dashboard simply titled “My Lover’s Balls“. I couldn’t resist. I had to click on the link and see just what “My Lover’s Balls” was all about.

It was funny. Hysterically funny. Later, when I told Annie about this blog, Annie went and read the post along with several others, like “Vagin-Oga“, “Field Trip to the Aquarium“, and “My Time As A 3-D Porn Star“.

This gal can really think up and write down some of the funniest stories!

As I went to get the links to write this post, I found her latest offering: “Locked Up Abroad: North Korea“. I about pissed my pants reading this.

I’ll be adding this one to my bloglines. If you need a laugh to make your gut hurt – and you’re not averse to political incorrectness – then I recommend “The Leaky Brain“.



  1. “My lover’s balls” would certainly attract some attention.

  2. Thanks for this praise. It’s all true, of course. I’ve led an unusual life.

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