Posted by: Rob | April 25, 2008

Gotta love the Post Office

So, today during one of our telephone conversations Ann ran down what came in today’s mail. A cheque I’d re-mailed to my oldest daughter came back. Wrong address, apparently. Oh, and I had a “letter” that I needed to pick up at the post office.

“You mean a parcel?”

“No, it says letter.”

“Like a registered letter?”

“I don’t know. It just says letter. Were you expecting something?”


Laughs. “Well, maybe some rich relative died and left you a fortune.”

“Highly doubt that. Guess we’ll just have to pick it up and see what it is.”

We had decided to try out the new Fort Noodle House** for supper tonight, so we’d be going into town anyways. Even though the card said the letter wouldn’t be available until tomorrow, I thought I’d call and see if it was back to the postal outlet yet. It was there so we added stop to our route for the evening.

We arrived at the Noodle House since food and eating should always come first. Only to find a sign on the front counter that said “CASH ONLY”. We didn’t think we had enough cash between us (I’m almost strictly a plastic man myself – gotta rack up those frequent buyer points ya know), so we got back in the truck and headed over to the bank. Since the postal outlet was next to the bank, I went to get the letter while Ann visited the ATM.

Thankfully there was no line up (and I had deftly scooted in before a woman with an enormous handful of outgoing mail, even with Katy in tow) and I sidled up and presented my card, mentioning that I had spoken to someone about the subject letter a little bit earlier. Admittedly, I was very curious as to what someone had sent to me that required this extra effort to retrieve it from the postal system. But, all hopes were dashed as I spied the envelope’s sender: Ducks Unlimited Canada. It was JUNK MAIL! Can you believe that? I couldn’t. I muttered something aloud about it as I left the counter, shaking my head. Junk mail! I’m sure glad I didn’t make a special trip to town for that.

By the time I got back to the truck I was a little bit steamed. I shared the experience with Ann and in doing so, came to the decision that I was going to return the envelope marked “REFUSED”. Now, I don’t mind the work that Ducks Unlimited does; it’s kind of noble, really, and more work like that is needed. And, I have to say that there some stupidity on the part of the mail delivery person who looked at the “Do Not Bend” stamp and decided that our little rural mail box opening was too small to retrieve this piece of junk mail without bending it. But, unsolicited is unsolicited, and the extra effort required on all our parts was too much to bear. So I wrote the following on the envelope:


“RETURN TO” with an arrow to the return address, and



and dropped it back into an outgoing mail box at the main Post Office downtown.

** The Fort Noodle House was a total bust.  We returned, with our cash, and were eventually seated.  We looked at the menus; only one kids’ menu item (French fries, chicken wings, pop….wait, did that say chicken WINGS?  For KIDS?)  We looked over the rest of the selections.   There were a few vegetarian selections and we discussed a few possibilities.  But I was starting to get a bad vibe about the place.  It was filling up and it was visibly understaffed.  We decided to nip a potentially bad dining experiment experience in the bud and got up and left.

We went to Peking Garden for the smorg instead.  It wasn’t until I’d almost finished getting a plate for Katy that Ann concluded she could eat nothing from the smorg.  Everything either had meat, or onions, or both.  I checked the menu and found a couple of things she could eat and ordered them: vegetable stir fry and vegetable chow mein – no meat and no onions and no MSG.  By all accounts the menu selections were tasty and we all at our fill.  But, the place has the feel of a downtown skid row establishment now and I doubt we’ll be patronizing that particular place again.



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