Posted by: Rob | April 21, 2008

Renovation Sunday

This post is more of a to-do list than anything.

Saturday’s errands set the stage for Sunday’s agenda. Since there was a blizzard blowing outside anyways, I set out about making a little progress on the house. Kate’s bedroom needs a ceiling fan (especially if it’s as hot this summer as it was for the month of July last summer. We don’t have AC, but if that global warming that’s not really happening continues, we may have to get it installed.) but as a pragmatic believer in doing things in order, I planned to do some plaster crack repairs and paint.

It was a tall order, but I managed to complete the repairs to a section of the ceiling, prime and paint two coats. The light switch was replaced with a dual slider (light dimmer and ceiling fan speed control). The new switch plate cover has been officially decorated with a Disney princess cover also. Installation of the ceiling fan will have to wait for another day, but it won’t be long. It’s supposed to snow all week.

Still to come on this room:

1) Complete re-painting (changing from “Glacial Seas” – blue – to “Shire Field” – green) after wall repairs

2) Remove the trim, re-finish and replace

3) Remove old hardwood floor and replace with new

4) Change the door. (Installing French door slabs, with fogged glass and mini-blinds. New door hardware as well.

5) Install new curtains.


  1. Man, you’ll be glad when the blizzard stops so you can go to work and get some rest.

  2. Hey Uncle Keith – going to work to rest up? *Sigh* I wish that were true. Work is so boring though, that it’s a chore just to be there.
    I’m just looking for sunshine and warmer temps.

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