Posted by: Rob | April 14, 2008

Random Internet Finds

I have been “finding” items of interest on the internet now for a little while. Initially, I was finding new and interesting or, at least, entertaining blogs through the “Next Blog” button on blogger or by following commenter links on those blogs I was already periodically reading. Annie has already written about this here. And she has talked about her own experiences a little bit here. Some of the early “Next Blog” finds include “The Gil Meche Experience” where annie and I commented enough last year to get a shout-out, and “Life of Red” who was on Blogger then, but has since moved to WordPress.

Red is an intermittent blogger, but her blogroll turned out to be a veritable treasure trove. It was through links on her blog page and the regular commenters that I found entertaining sites and interesting people. People like Uncle Keith and the Mad DC Cabbie. Uncle Keith‘s blog attracts commenters like nursemyra. Nursemyra is a dedicated blogger who shares her detailed research and commentary with regular readers. Don’t worry if you’re not totally literate, because there are pictures too. Be warned, though, nursemyra‘s blog is rated PG.

There is quite a bit of witty repartée in the comments on nursemyra’s blog and a regular contributor that I’ve been reading of late is daisyfae.

After I installed a Mozilla Firefox add-in called “Stumble Upon” I found a raft more interesting sites and sometimes that included blogs, like “Waiter Rant“. The stumble brought me to a blog piece that was a couple of years old – but very funny and very well written. I read a bunch more and have become a regular reader through bloglines (I subscribe to all my regular blog stops via bloglines.)

I discovered Johnny Virgil’s humour-blog “15 minute lunch” after a friend forwarded me an e-mail that contained what was obviously (at least to me) a blog post. Maybe you’ve seen it? It’s the one about how he found a J.C.Penney’s catalog from 1977. If you haven’t seen it and you want to have a good laugh, I suggest you check it out here.

Now I’m finding new blogs to check out whenever I sign into wordpress. There’s always some new stuff featured on the entry page. Imagine my surprise when I signed in the other day and found this.

Who can I share this with?



  1. thanks for the linky-love! as to that last find? gives whole new meaning to letting your fingers do the walking!

  2. Hey there! Thanks for the shout. I need to blog more… Hopefully time will permit in the future.

    You may want to check out for more interesting blogs.

  3. daisyfae – you’re welcome. fingers doing the walking? Hmmmmm. Yes.

    red – you’re welcome for the shout. I will check out as time permits.

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