Posted by: Rob | April 13, 2008

Place holder post

This blogging thing is quite a commitment. Well, it is when you try to match the commitment to post of one anniegirl1138. That woman is a fanatic about getting at least one blog piece up every day. Even when we went on our honeymoon a couple of weeks ago, and were facing at least a few days of no internet connectivity (down in the wilds of Carbondale, IL) she managed to get a few advance posts written that wordpress would dutifully publish each day. And that kind of commitment is usually rewarded with a continuing readership. Blog readers seem to be a fickle bunch; if you don’t have fresh material up routinely, then all but the most dedicated will stop coming by to check out your latest rambings. I found that to be true; after an introduction to my new blog by annie my blog stats showed a few hits. And then I wasn’t quite as committed as annie during our honeymoon vacation and so my meagre readership dropped off.

And that’s all okay, really, since the reasons for my blogging are my own. It’s mostly just a place I can write about stuff. I was never a big journaler, but I have found through my personal grief journey that writing things down can be very therapeutic. There is quite a bit I have yet to write down about that, or even just to re-publish, but that is something I’m not quite ready to do just yet.

In the meantime I’ll write about what is bugging me (like the idiot next door who just got home with his little red shitbox and has to go through some engine revving as he parks his pos), what I’m thinking about, or even the more mundane – what I’m doing.

Today was a sort of usual Saturday. We headed into the city – a little later than planned – to get a new bicycle for Ann. The bike shop was a zoo, but we managed to secure a sweet (can’t say little, cuz this bike is huge) recreational bike for Ann. It’s a Specialized Crossroads and Ann loves it. We also got a bike carrier and new helmets for Ann and Katy.

It turned out to be a good thing we got a new helmet for Kate. She and Ann were out riding around the streets of our little hamlet this afternoon and Kate took a spill. It wasn’t her inexperience so much as the training wheels getting in the way of a quick maneuver. Luckily the new helmet has that duck bill feature on the front and that prevented what could been a very serious injury as her head hit the asphalt. Fortunately, the damage was only a few bruises, some scrapes, hurt pride and a little more fear. The helmet is toast now, though, and we’ll have to get another.

The day finished up with a little work getting done on the back of the house. This house has been a renovation project that has gone on way too long. There are good reasons for that, but I won’t bore you with those here. I came in a little before 8:30 to read Kate a story and also to not be food for the mosquitoes that are emerging thanks to a +19 C temperature here today.

We have a movie to finish tonight (The Ice Harvest) and then look forward to Sunday.



  1. This is how I keep up on my preferred blogs:

    Alicia uses it, too, with a desktop widget from Yahoo- it works for me!


  2. i started the blog in january for personal therapy… to work out some thoughts and issues – past, present and certainly future regarding my family. i can typically hack up one or two difficult issues per week. the rest is the random neural firing stuff…

    most surprising to me is that people read my hackings and find resonance. then take a moment to comment! it was an unexpected bonus, and whenever i catch myself worrying about blog stats, or forcing a post, i remind myself why i am doing this… it’s for me, and my two kids (who are grown, and off at college these days).

    relax. say what ya wanna, when ya wanna say it… i’ll be back!

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