Posted by: Rob | April 12, 2008

The ubiquitous cell phone at work

What did we ever do before the cell phone? I guess if you’re a cell phone fanatic or pro cell phone, you probably aren’t interested in this. But if you’re sick of these things, then perhaps you’ll empathize.

Where I work is kind of like a mall. I’m in the basement tier of a 2 story admin building. The centre hallway is open all the way up to the roof. There’s a walkway around the upstairs which provides access to the offices that are on the ground floor. The building also houses the control centre for the chemical manufacturing plant I’m currently attached to, so it’s blast resistant.

You might think the open air mall thing is a great idea. People can meet and visit in the hallways, it’s all open air, just an ideal setting for a collaborative technical environment. Well, you’d be wrong. At least from I’m sitting. Literally, that is. The acoustics of the damned place are such that all noises seem to be funneled right into my office. It is extremely distracting and I’ve probably gained a reputation as “that door slamming dude”.

So, someone in the building has a cell phone. Well, probably a lot of people have them. Sadly, I do too. But this person I’m thinking goes and leaves the damn thing somewhere in his or her office. Incoming calls ring and ring and go unanswered. Only to be followed by that annoying and irritating BEEP that recurs every minute or so to let the absent owner know they have a voice message or something.

Why can’t people be more considerate of others?




  1. Hear, hear!

    We’ve got a new one to the cube warren who spends the better part of every work day taking personal calls on her cellphone. She leaves the ringer on at all times, rather than putting it on vibrate in her pocket. It plays this country song “Way down the Chattahoochie” or some such, and it makes me want to do evil, violent, antisocial things with office supplies and extreme prejudice. Then we’ve got the ones who HAVE office doors but never use them and yak at top volume anyway. I’d rather have a door-slammer, frankly. No…what I’d really have is a door myself.

  2. Girl,

    This Dilbert was written for you, I think:

    Loud Howard

    Sound familiar?

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