Posted by: Rob | April 9, 2008

Seeing the Doctor

My doctor is an elderly Asian man. I’ve been his patient since moving here in 1995. He was my doctor through my “brush” with papillary carcinoma in ’97, and the aftermath of that episode is why I have had to regularly see him ever since. It seems you can’t really get a maintenance prescription for thyroid hormone without semi-annual or annual bloodwork. Oh, well.

I had an appointment to see him yesterday. I’m usually last-minute just-in-time for getting a new prescription when my current batch of pills is about gone. Normally, I will call a day or so in advance and request a squeeze-in appointment late in the day. Yesterday was a bit of an exception; I had scheduled for 4:30, but ducked out of work a bit early (due to a meeting ending unexpectedly early) and showed up a little after 4:00. I thought I might get in a bit earlier as a trade-off, but no such luck.

Normally I bring along my work laptop and read and sort e-mail while I wait. I have neither the interest nor attention span to read dog-eared waiting room magazines. No work laptop today, but I did have my trusty i-Pod. So I spent about 30 minutes or so watching “V for Vendetta” (an excellent movie, by the way, I highly recommend it). The doctor is elderly and so are the nurses and receptionists he has working there. When they discovered I was watching a movie on “that little thing” (versus “just” listening to music) they were all agog. The usual discussion about how much the world has changed ensued.

I was surprised that my synthroid dosage hadn’t changed. I’ve been feeling colder (at least according to Ann) and I’ve also been more tired and lethargic also. I know that some of these symptoms occur when my metabolism is running more slowly and I figured that perhaps I needed a higher dosage of synthroid. Not so, says the doc. And goes on to admonish me to exercise (more). I’ve heard all this before, though. Really, I protest, who has the time to exercise? It’s not like I’m a frigging couch potato. Hell, we don’t even have a couch! Apparently, exercising (“You should work on your upper body, too”.) builds muscle and then the muscle burns more calories and that keeps you warmer. Plus when you exercise, he says, you aren’t as likely to fall victim to all sorts of diseases. He asked me if I’m sleeping well (I think so), how much I’m sleeping (“Some people only need about 6 hours, but most need 7 to 8 hours of sleep.”) – I say I’m getting around 7 hours or so a night, if I’m eating well (probably better – for me – than ever), if I have a good appetite (yes) and if I’m well…eliminating okay (um, yes.).  “If you’re tired, maybe your work is boring.”  Well, yeah, it is, but…

So, after all of this, I get some advice to exercise 5 or 6 times a week. “Oh, and we’ll do a complete blood work up on you to see if anything’s amiss. ” Great. Now I’ve got to do a 12 hour fast (gasp) and get blood taken.

It sucks getting old.



  1. Amen, Brother. Amen!

  2. Hey Uncle Keith!

    A belated welcome to the Tome! And thanks for the link on your blog page dude!


  3. Beats the alternative, though.

    I love V for Vendetta; it’s brilliant, as was the original graphic novel. I thought it should be required watching for all Americans.

  4. TGLB,

    You’re right, of course. The alternative is much more bleak. You would think I would have learned not to complain so much, wouldn’t you?

    Thanks for the reminder.

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