Posted by: Rob | March 19, 2008

Five years ago…

So I was listening to XM radio during the short drive to work this morning. One of the American cable TV news channels that has an audio simulcast on XM and I just caught the end of George W. Bush’s speech this morning marking the fifth anniversary of military action in Iraq. Five years! Has it really been that long?

Naturally, my mind drifted to that long ago day five years ago. What was I doing that day? And I remembered. Shelley and I had gone to our timeshare in Fairmont Hot Springs, BC that week. Just the two of us. Spring hadn’t quite arrived yet in the Columbia River valley that year. That’s what happens when you wait too long to book a floating timeshare week. You just get the leftovers. But it was, at least, a change of scenery and quite a bit more greenery than around home that time of year. And, of course, Fairmont is pretty much in the mountains and you can’t beat that.

Because of world events, we wound up watching quite a bit of CNN that week, enthralled by the level of media coverage (“embedded” reporters – remember those?) on television. It was, overall, a pretty quiet week. I think we managed a jigsaw puzzle or two, read some books, spent time in the fitness center and in the hot tub and pool. I think we played a round of golf (Creekside) and used the driving range a bit over at Riverside. And just relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company. Just doing the sorts of things that couples do when they have absolutely no idea their world will be completely and totally turned upside down, never once entertaining any inkling that in five years only one of them would still be here going forward.


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